Over the course of six weeks, Television City hosted two Open Houses and three Focus Groups, inviting over 10,000 residents to participate in these community meetings. These meetings were designed to provide community members with opportunities to learn more about the TVC Plan, ask questions to the Project team, and give feedback on our plan to preserve this iconic studio.

The two open house events featured interactive stations, hosted by subject matter experts, that highlighted various elements of the TVC Plan. The TVC team also held three focus groups to dive deeper into high-interest topics – two focus groups addressed the proposed Project, Studio Land Uses, Heights and the Specific Plan, and another focus group addressed Access, Mobility, Parking, and Traffic Management. The TVC team is now working to address and incorporate many of the stakeholder comments and suggestions as the Project moves forward with the entitlement process before public hearings are held in 2024.

Television City has been a studio for over 70 years and we are grateful to all who have connected with us, toured the studio, and joined our recent open house and focus group sessions. With your help, Television City will remain a premiere production facility ready to meet the needs of content creators for decades to come.

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