TVC is committed to being a good neighbor, investing in our local community, and engaging community stakeholders throughout the planning and entitlement process.

to Community

Television City, a longtime member of the Beverly/Fairfax District, has pledged $2 million to sponsor and support two initiatives.


helping businesses and local organizations heal and rebuild in the wake of COVID-19.


providing mentorship and job training opportunities in the media industry, partnering with industry leaders to achieve greater diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.


TVC takes great pride in actively engaging with the Beverly-Fairfax Community. Following an act of vandalism that forced the closure of a playground at Pan Pacific Park, TVC donated $236,000 to the Los Angeles Parks Foundation for the reconstruction of the play structure. In June 2023, Pan Pacific Park celebrated the reopening of the playground with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky. The playground now includes several play areas and a dedicated section designed for children under the age of 6.

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Britt Burton
Harvey Mason Media

“Holocaust Museum LA is honored to have Television City as a valued member of our community and supporter of the Museum’s mission to commemorate those who perished, honor those who survived, provide free Holocaust education, and inspire a more dignified and humane world. Thanks to our partnership, Holocaust Museum LA is working toward a new era of Holocaust education that is innovative, contemporary, and accessible to our growing audience, ensuring more students can learn the important lessons of the Holocaust and how to stand up to hatred, bigotry and antisemitism. We are grateful to Television City for their support and generosity at a time when our mission has become increasingly more critical and the need for thoughtful Holocaust education even greater.”

Beth Kean, Holocaust Museum LA

“At a time when Los Angeles’ students needed something to believe in, Television City answered the call. They have led the charge in mentoring our city’s young people, giving them access and opportunities into an industry that otherwise was seemingly unreachable. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing a business and their employees caring for their local community, not because they “have to,” but because it matters to them. It’s a part of who they are.”

Brian Larrabee, Good City Mentors

Davy Nathan
Songwriter, Producer, Composer

Brad Parker
Visual Effects Supervisor

“The men and women of the Building Trades have the skills required to help shape the next chapter of Television City. Together, we will work to modernize this iconic property so it serves our entertainment industry long into the future,” said Ron Miller, Executive Secretary of the LA/OC Building Trades.”

Ron Miller, LA/OC Building Trades

Carla Farmer
Farmer Hairstylist

“The extraordinary support from Television City has substantially made a quality-of-life difference in the economic vitality of the Beverly/Fairfax District. They are an exemplary good neighbor and a community asset — inspiring examples of civic philanthropy.”

Lyn MacEwen Cohen, First-In Fire Foundation

“We are ecstatic and appreciative that Hackman Media will maintain Television City as a studio. This plan would restore economic vitality to our neighborhood while offering new opportunities for surrounding businesses and residents.”

Jacqueline Canter, Canter’s Deli

“Streetlights is so grateful to our most hands-on, involved and multi-faceted partner, Television City! First, they give financial support to Streetlights’ Job Training, Job Placement and Career Advancement program, which provides low-income minority men and women with behind-the-camera career pathways into the Entertainment Industry. They ALSO give us a soundstage and equipment for our training classes, and their Director of Production Training is one of our Industry instructors. The apex of their partnership is helping selected Streetlights graduates become Union Members in Local 33 L.A. Stage Technicians & Projectionists Union. Television City changes the lives of so many young, motivated men and women who would not otherwise have an opportunity to work in the Entertainment Industry, and we look forward to working with them for a long time.”

Adele B. Wilson, Streetlights

Randy Asada
Owner, Prosper

Lyn Sisson-Talbert
Producer of

“I want to thank Television City for encouraging our young people to dream and imagine. Our tour of the studio was one of the best field trips my students have ever attended and a highlight of the school year. Our students explored sound stages and were shown how to use professional production cameras. We are so grateful to TVC and its amazing staff for hosting my 4th graders and giving our students a glimpse into the workings of a modern studio!”

Alice Ramos, Hancock Park Elementary School

“Throughout this process our goal has been to preserve Television City and ensure its iconic stature and presence along Beverly Boulevard remains while still allowing for change and new, surrounding development. We are grateful to Hackman Capital Partners for not only listening, but working hard with us to achieve a good balance.”

Linda Dishman, President and CEO of  the Los Angeles Conservancy


I wanted to thank TVC for its ongoing support of Women in Media and for a very awesome Illumination Training in Grip and Electrics. Our member-students are over the moon! Irene and the instructors knocked it out of the park. I sent a survey, and have received amazing responses from all of our member-students!

Tema Staig

Illumination training is an absolute must and a game-changer for any member of WIM to attend! As someone with years of photo assisting under my belt, learning from incredibly talented and educated Key Grips helped me to truly bridge some gaps in my knowledge and learn more about the tricks of the trade, as well as what each department actually does. Having the opportunity to try things it out in a safe space with instructors to guide us and with no stakes was also very helpful, as it's something that we don't get the opportunity to do as much when we are working on set. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to connect with other women who are looking to grow in their careers, I definitely plan on reaching out to them and building upon this network. All in all 10/10 recommend to anyone who belongs to WIM or is interested in being part of it. Going to CBS studios was also really fun.

Amahl Chekh Khalil

It was an amazing and mind-blowing experience being able to be in the room with women who were eager to learn the same things I wanted. Seeing everyone helping each other and lifting each other up made me very emotional. Also, having the opportunity to learn from such incredible and well renewed people who already are in the industry was incredible. This kind of representation makes a difference and gives us the incentive to follow our dreams. I can't also not talk about the amazing course and the skills leaned in those two weeks. The representation gives us motivation and the course give us the knowledge to be better professionals. I can't thank Women In Media and MBS enough for this opportunity.

Hannah Hoang

I learned in 4 days what I wish I had learned in 4 years of film school. Not to throw shade at film school because it has its own advantages and benefits, but this workshop packed in an immense amount of technical and fundamental knowledge that I am so grateful for. Not just knowing the "how"s, but knowing the "why"s is so important in order to be a better employee and this workshop equipped me with the abilities and the knowledge to far better serve as a grip or an electrician going forward. Thank you immensely for holding this workshop.

Talita Maia

Being a part of the WIM+MBS Illumination Training helped me alleviate my overwhelming thoughts about getting into the industry. I always questioned myself "if I can really do it" and sometimes the people closest to me were not always my biggest supporters. It was comforting to hear that the industry is quickly changing, prioritizing the health of crew members, and now allowing more women to have larger roles on set. I am also so grateful to have met a community of so many wonderful, multifaceted, and talented women who are in the same boat. I also got perspectives about transitioning from non-union to union productions and hearing the inspiring stories of how our industry legend instructors also started from humble beginnings like us. Most importantly I learned that anything is possible for me and that more than ever, the time for women is now!

Rachel Rice

The sense of solidarity with other women and nonbinary folks at the Illumination Training. was incredible! It's so good to know there's so many of us out there dealing with the same challenges. I absolutely loved the inter-generational aspect of learning from from women in their 60s who are powerhouse veteran grip and lighting technicians.

Krisen Meloche

I'm feeling very encouraged by the Illumination training / workshop and Women In Media as an organization. I wish there had been a resource like this in the city I started in - glad to be here now connecting with so many enthusiastic and talented up and coming women and non-binary folks.

Taylor Balfour

I moved to Los Angeles without knowing anyone. So I talked to a stranger I met in a restroom and said, "It's so rare to find female filmmakers!" She told me to join this group she was a part of, called Women in Media. Within a week of living in Los Angeles, I was immediately on the Cameraderie shoot, where I met many inspiring female filmmakers who genuinely wanted to help me succeed. They still contact me for jobs to this day. I even met one of my closest friends from that shoot!

Sika Stanton

Thank you for Illumination training! It was what I was hoping for and more.

Samantha Ackerman

I loved the training. I loved the age range of the women involved and I loved the instructors.

Nicole Valencia

Fantastic hands-on training, on working stages from union professionals. Felt like such a privilege to be learning on-set skills, especially along side a group of encouraging women.

Heidi Mirow


Despite the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic throughout last year, HCP has continued to engage, support and partner with numerous community partners.

TVC ensures the studio will continue to be a world-class production facility and will generate significant economic and community benefits.