A cohort from Streetlights, a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide job training, placement and career advancement services for economically and socially disadvantaged young people, recently visited Television City to learn about obtaining skills needed for entertainment industry jobs.

The group visited as part of Television City’s Changing Lenses program, which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.  Through partnerships with organizations, industry leaders and community stakeholders, Changing Lenses provides mentorship, job training opportunities and career pathways.  The event was organized by Irene Phan, senior vice president of operations and finance at MBS Group and founder of the MBS Illumination program, which provided training onsite.  The program focused on lighting and grip training.

Targeting underserved areas of Los Angeles County, Streetlights’ mission is to partner with the entertainment industry workforce to create career opportunities.  At the same time, Streetlights is increasing diversity by providing access to an industry that is one of the largest employers in Southern California.  For information, visit streetlights.org.

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