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Capital Partners

Hackman Capital Partners is an industry leading studio operator with a track record of success. The company has successfully modernized and transformed other studio properties into state-of-the-art production facilities to meet the growing and ever-changing needs of the entertainment industry. Hackman Capital Partners owns Culver Studios and Sony Pictures Animation campus in Culver City, the 22-acre Manhattan Beach Studios, and Raleigh Studios, one of the oldest film and television production facilities in Los Angeles.

The company also owns Silvercup in New York City, Second Line Stages in New Orleans, Ardmore Studios and Troy Studios in Ireland, and Eastbrook Studios, which is currently under construction in London.

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Next Steps

In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City of Los Angeles made the Draft EIR available for public review and comment for a 60-day public review period from July 14, 2022, to September 13, 2022. The Final EIR was released on November 21, 2023, and includes responses to comments received during the public review period and text revisions to the Draft EIR in response to input received. The EIR will be submitted to the decision-makers for requested certification and action on the Project. Robust community outreach will be conducted throughout the process.

Application Filed with the City
Notice of Preparation Issued
(30-day Public Comment Period)
Draft EIR Released
(60-day Public Comment Period)
Final EIR Released November 21, 2023
City Hearings
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TVC ensures the studio will continue to be a world-class production facility and will generate significant economic and community benefits.