TVC Community Benefits

TVC will keep film and media production in L.A. and create thousands of entertainment jobs that will benefit the neighborhood we have called home for over 70 years.


The TVC Plan will invest millions in transportation improvements to create a multi-modal mobility hub. It will connect studio workers and the neighborhood to a number of nearby transit options, including the Metro D (Purple) Line’s future Wilshire/Fairfax station, encouraging more efficient and sustainable ways to commute.

Benefits to
Our Community

Public Safety

The Project will improve public safety by incorporating a 24/7 security plan including a 24-hour security camera network, private on-site security staff, regular security patrols, and new eyes on the street by helping increase pedestrian activity along the site boundaries.

Beautification and Enhanced Streetscape

The Project will enhance the public realm through new streetscape improvements including widened sidewalks, new landscaping, lighting, wayfinding signage and pedestrian amenities such as benches and shade structures. The Project will also include a new central pedestrian entrance to TVC along Beverly Boulevard with views of the Historic Cultural Monument.

Better Access and Walkability

The Project will include new vehicular driveways and pedestrian access into TVC along Fairfax Avenue, Beverly Boulevard and The Grove Drive. These improvements will provide quick and efficient access into the project site and will be controlled with gates and/or staffed guard houses.

Small Business Support

TVC’s modernization will bolster the local economy, employing thousands through productions and supporting small businesses through additional spending by these productions and their employees. From restaurants and retailers to gas stations and dry cleaners, the project will support film-related vendors and local businesses alike.

Mobility Improvements


Preserve TVC as A Studio

For over 70 years, Television City has been an industry landmark and beloved studio in the Beverly/Fairfax community. The TVC Project will preserve the property’s long-standing use as a working studio and modernize the facility to meet the evolving needs of content creators.

Benefits for Local
Businesses & Organizations

Holocaust Museum LA is honored to have Television City as a valued member of our community and supporter of the Museum’s mission to commemorate those who perished, honor those who survived, provide free Holocaust education, and inspire a more dignified and humane world. Thanks to our partnership, Holocaust Museum LA is working toward a new era of Holocaust education that is innovative, contemporary, and accessible to our growing audience, ensuring more students can learn the important lessons of the Holocaust and how to stand up to hatred, bigotry and antisemitism. We are grateful to Television City for their support and generosity at a time when our mission has become increasingly more critical and the need for thoughtful Holocaust education even greater.

Beth KeanHolocaust Museum LA

The men and women of the Building Trades have the skills required to help shape the next chapter of Television City. Together, we will work to modernize this iconic property so it serves our entertainment industry long into the future,” said Ron Miller, Executive Secretary of the LA/OC Building Trades.

Ron MillerLA/OC Building Trades

The extraordinary support from Television City has substantially made a quality-of-life difference in the economic vitality of the Beverly/Fairfax District. They are an exemplary good neighbor and a community asset — inspiring examples of civic philanthropy.

Lyn MacEwen CohenFirst-In Fire Foundation

At a time when Los Angeles’ students needed something to believe in, Television City answered the call. They have led the charge in mentoring our city’s young people, giving them access and opportunities into an industry that otherwise was seemingly unreachable. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing a business and their employees caring for their local community, not because they “have to,” but because it matters to them. It’s a part of who they are.

Brian LarrabeeGood City Mentors

We are ecstatic and appreciative that Hackman Media will maintain Television City as a studio. This plan would restore economic vitality to our neighborhood while offering new opportunities for surrounding businesses and residents.

Jacqueline CanterCanter’s Deli

Streetlights is so grateful to our most hands-on, involved and multi-faceted partner, Television City! First, they give financial support to Streetlights’ Job Training, Job Placement and Career Advancement program, which provides low-income minority men and women with behind-the-camera career pathways into the Entertainment Industry. They ALSO give us a soundstage and equipment for our training classes, and their Director of Production Training is one of our Industry instructors. The apex of their partnership is helping selected Streetlights graduates become Union Members in Local 33 L.A. Stage Technicians & Projectionists Union. Television City changes the lives of so many young, motivated men and women who would not otherwise have an opportunity to work in the Entertainment Industry, and we look forward to working with them for a long time.

Adele B. WilsonStreetlights

Throughout this process our goal has been to preserve Television City and ensure its iconic stature and presence along Beverly Boulevard remains while still allowing for change and new, surrounding development. We are grateful to Hackman Capital Partners for not only listening, but working hard with us to achieve a good balance.

Linda DishmanPresident and CEO of the Los Angeles Conservancy

I want to thank Television City for encouraging our young people to dream and imagine. Our tour of the studio was one of the best field trips my students have ever attended and a highlight of the school year. Our students explored sound stages and were shown how to use professional production cameras. We are so grateful to TVC and its amazing staff for hosting my 4th graders and giving our students a glimpse into the workings of a modern studio!

Alice RamosHancock Park Elementary School


Fairfax Avenue Looking North

Genesee Gate

Beverly Boulevard


New Jobs During Construction


Total Economic Output During Construction


Total Annual Economic Output Once Operational

TVC will rehabilitate and preserve the integrity of Television City’s historic building and continue the studio’s legacy as a world-class production facility, enhancing the public realm and restoring views of the historic façade and bridge entryway from Beverly Boulevard.

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TVC ensures the studio will continue to be a world-class production facility and will generate significant economic and community benefits.